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Heta Pukki


- Master of Education, University of Birmingam 2009

- Postgraduate Diploma on Special Education: Autism (Adults), University of Birmingham 2004

- M.Sc. (biology), University of Helsinki 1994



- Board member at the Finnish Association for Autism and Asperger Syndrome, 2005-2007,

Regional Secretary for South-East Finland, 2008-2009

- Translation of two books on TEACC methods

- Developing several extensive course materials and lecture series for organizations in the

disability field

- Central roles in organizing a number of seminars, events and camps for adults on the autism

spectrum, since 1997


David Andrews


- Master of Education (Special education, autism adults), University of Birmingham



- Planning courses and lectures, lecturing

- Designing AAC solutions for people with limited speech

- Teaching remedial mathematics for adults

- Psychological testing to assess special needs related to study and employment

- Proofreading and correcting academic text written in English by non-native speakers



Other skills AutSpect Education is built around the core academic and

practical experience described above, but it is not limited to this only.

When necessary, we commission work from a network of people who

are highly skilled in languages, proofreading, layout, or lecturing on specific topics

outside our central areas of expertise.